Membership Levels

Foundation Level Professional Member ($120)- Member as described below (Professional Member) who supports the SCSHA Foundation. SCSHA Foundation Level Members are recognized in the SCSHA In Touch and in the SCSHA Directory.

Professional Member ($95)- Professional members are defined as professionals who hold a graduate degree with a major emphasis in speech- language pathology, audiology or speech-language or hearing sciences, or a graduate degree and present evidence of active research, interest and performance in the field of human communication. 

Foundation Level Associate Member ($95) Associate Member as described below (Associate Member) who supports the SCSHA Foundation. SCSHA Foundation Members are recognized in the SCSHA InTouch and in the SCSHA Directory.

Associate Member ($70) - Professionals who hold the following qualifications: any level of professional certification awarded by the South Carolina Department of Education in the area of communicative disorders, or a Bachelor's degree with major emphasis in speech-language pathology, audiology, speech science, hearing science or speech-language and hearing science. 

Student Member ($35) - Students who are currently enrolled in a degree program at the Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral level in speech-language pathology, communication sciences and disorders, speech and hearing science or audiology in a recognized college or university program.

Life Member ($40) - (applications subject to approval) Life membership may be granted to applicants who have held membership in the South Carolina Speech- Language-Hearing Association for twenty (20) consecutive years and have attained the age of sixty-five (65).