2022 Leadership Development Program

SCHSA’s Leadership Development Program offers leadership training created for you, to prepare you for your next step in your role with

  • Your volunteer role in SCSHA
  • Your profession
  • Your workplace
  • Your other organizations

The program is tailored for your career stage to prepare you for your next step up the ladder

 Ready, Set, Lead!

 If you want to . . .                   

  • If you want to….
  • Develop new leadership skills
  • Expand and refine your leadership skills
  • Become a leader within SCSHA
  • Take on leadership responsibilities in your workplace
  • Build a lifelong professional network
  • Give back to your profession through volunteer service
  • Influence policies, programs, and services
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Then you should consider participating in SCSHA’s New Leadership Development Program!

Applications are available on www.scsha.net


Frequently Asked Questions about the SCSHA LDP


What is the LDP?

The Leadership Development Program is a hybrid program for members with leadership potential. The program offers leadership training created to prepare you for your next step in your volunteer role with your state association.


What are the components of the program?

If selected, you must commit to all program components:

  • Participate in a Leadership Development Program orientation/workshop at the 2022 SCSHA Convention.
  • Participate in scheduled monthly webinars over the course of the program on selected leadership topics. Webinars will be held in the evening hours.
  • Develop a plan for volunteerism/service in SCSHA.

Is there a fee to participate?

Yes. If your application is accepted, you pay a fee of $65, which covers the kickoff workshop, meeting materials, and facilitated webinars for CEU credit.

Who can apply?

We're seeking energetic SCSHA Members who are motivated to influence professional issues in audiology or speech-language pathology. Each program accepts up to 10 participants selected through a competitive application process. Applicants must be current SCSHA members, with no prior participation in ASHA’s LDP.


How do I apply?

Fill out the Call for Applications below.

The application period for the Leadership Development Program is open from October 1 until October 31.

 Apply Now!

When does the LDP begin?

The Leadership Development Program kicks off at the 2022 SCSHA Convention, February 17-19.

 The program begins with a live workshop followed by monthly facilitated webinars on various leadership topics.


 For more information, contact Amber Heape at [email protected]

or Elise Davis-McFarland at [email protected].