Session 3  Dr. Fe Murray, EdD, CCC-SLPBilingual Evaluation Protocols for Monolingual SLPs; Alberta Language Development Questionnaire; Dr. Celeste Rosemary McKibbon, Ph.D.; Spanish English Critical Questions Parent Interview; The Critical Questions - Leadership Project; Input/Output Survey (English)Input/Output Survey (Spanish)

Session 4  Traumatic Brain InjuryThe Rancho Los Amigos Scale & Strategies for Interaction

Session 5  Kristin Martinez, M.A., CCC-SLPStronger Together: Reimagining School-Based SLP Teams with a Blended Service-Delivery Model

Session 10  Craig Coleman, MA, CCC-SLPAssessment of Children Who Stutter: A Community-Centered Approach

Session 15  Marie Ireland M.Ed. CCC-SLP BCS-CL: Dynamic Assessment: Examining Learning Potential and Reducing Bias in Assessment

Session 16  Holly CamplinLet's Get Talking with AACUnit Vocabulary Builder Quick Reference; Blank 30 Communication BoardGail's Top 300 ListAccent LAMP WFL QRG-EmpowerAccent Unity QRG-EmpoweriPad-LAMP WFL Quick ReferencePRC-Saltillo Participant Feedback Form

Session 19 Sarah C. Scarborough, MA, CCC-SLP; Angela N. McLeod, Ph.D.: AAC with Adults: Something to Talk About

Session 20 Ruth Chao, MS, CCC-SLPDysphagia in Adults with Dementia

Session 21 Amber Heape, ClinScD, CCC-SLP, CDP, CMDCPMedicare Updates- PDPM, PDGM, and the Healthcare Practitioner

Session 22  Craig Coleman, MA, CCC-SLP, BCS-F, ASHA-FTreatment of Children Who Stutter: A Community-Centered Approach


Session 23  Joanna Scoggins, MEd, CCC-SLPSupervising Across the Generation Gap

Session 24  Courtney Reese MS CCC-SLPFeeding Outcomes, Developmental Care & Culture Change within the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Session 27  Robin Alexander, MA, CCC-SLPOutcomes in SLP Therapies: Participation and Patient Engagement

AWARDS LUNCHEON – Deborah Greenhouse MD, FAAPBridging the Gap - Establishing Optimal Communication Between Pediatricians and Speech Language Pathologists to Provide the Best Possible Care and Outcomes for Children with Special Health Care Needs

Session 30  Lynsey M. Keator, MA, CCC- SLPClinical Implementation of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) in Chronic Aphasia: Speech-Language Pathologists' Opinions Regarding the Translation of tDCS into Clinical Practice

Session 32  Juliana O. Miller, MS, CCC-SLP: The Struggle is Real! What to Do When Supervisee Performance is Less Than Satisfactory

Session 35 Brian Martin, M.S., CCC-SLP: "Head and Neck Cancer: The Role of the SLP Pre and Post-Operatively"

Session 38  Heather Smith; Jennifer Buster: The Big Picture for Fiscal and Legislative Year 2019-2020HHS Handout

Session 39  Dawn M. Moore ClinScD, CCC-SLP, COM®Tongue Tie and Other Tethered Oral Tissues (TOts) - Part 2

Session 44  Stephen Kneece, MA, CCC-SLPEngaging AACtivities!

Session 46 Hannah Benge, ClinScD, CCC-SLP"Dementia: Types & Tips"

Saturday, February 15th

Session 45  Leslie Wilfong, MSP, CCC-SLP; Samantha McDonald, MS, CCC-SLPSwallow This! How to Consistently Thicken Liquids for Pediatric Patients Using IDDSI Guidelines


Sessions 49/51  Dawn M. Moore ClinScD., CCC-SLP, COM®: Let's Hear It for /r/!

Session 55  Victoria Cruce, MS, CCC-SLPThe Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM): Navigating from Volume to ValueHandout 2