Sistercare seeks to provide comprehensive services for victims of domestic violence and their children and to advocate on behalf of these survivors, and to help prevent domestic violence through community awareness and education. Sistercare is the only organization that offers specialized shelter and support services for survivors of domestic violence and their children in Richland, Lexington, Newberry, Kershaw and Fairfield counties.

Help and Advocacy for Domestic Violence Survivors

Sistercare’s mission is to provide services and to advocate for domestic violence survivors and their children, and to promote prevention of domestic violence through community awareness and training. Sistercare is the only organization that specifically offers shelter and support services for survivors and their children in Richland, Lexington, Kershaw, Newberry, and Fairfield counties.

Caring for the Present and Changing the Future

Sistercare’s goals are to:

1) Provide safety for survivors and their children at confidential shelters.

2) Reduce the negative ramifications and intergenerational effects of domestic violence on children from violent homes.

3) Reduce future risk of family violence and develop survivor self-sufficiency through essential support services.

4) Prevent domestic violence through training, community education and awareness.

Comprehensive Service for Those in Need

Sistercare’s philosophy is to empower survivors and their children to live free of domestic violence; become educated about domestic violence; be able to make informed decisions; take responsibility for themselves and their children; and achieve self-sufficiency. This philosophy is applied by offering survivors a full range of services to include emergency shelter, 24-hour crisis line, group counseling, legal advocacy, children’s counseling, individual counseling, and post shelter follow up services.


If you are interested and would like donate, Sistercare is in need of:

used cell phones in any condition, paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, kleenex tissue, plates, cups), diapers, large black garbage bags (trash bags), bulky comforters and bed linens for twins and double size beds, towels and washcloths (gently used/new). Clothes are not needed. 

Lastly, they will gladly accept financial donations for their emergency fund which covers the cost associated with transporting women and children across state lines to other shelters during dire emergencies.

**You can drop off any of these items at the SCSHA Office at anytime! Please email Mollie Miller at [email protected] to set up a drop off time**